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Safeguard Your Property With Wooden Gates And Fences

Whether for decoration or even for security purposes, wooden gates are sturdy and durable, they are a beautiful way to enclose a lawn, garden , driveway or any other outdoor area you would like to close and open as well as secure. For a gate, depending on whether you want to use it as a field gate, entrance gate or just a simple decoration, there are several useful considerations one has to take into consideration when buying a wooden gate.

Elements such as rain, sunshine and overall sturdiness need to be considered. Most gates and fences are usually exposed to harsh weather conditions and expected to withstand several closings and openings over the course of their lifespan. It is important to check on available options such as double gates that slide open in different directions or even single gates that slide either on the left or right.

In case you are looking for driveway gates, then it is advisable to install a closing system or automated opening so as to avoid having to leave the car each and every time. Some available solutions include code operated remotes or button based gates which open automatically using motion sensors. Unlike driveways or entrance gates, garden gates are usually used primarily as decoration. They are also effective at keeping larger animals or pets from entering the vegetable plot or prevent toddlers from running out in the garden.

When looking for fence on the other hand, it is important to take into consideration certain factors such as the local ordinances of the city, you also need to verify the property line and also check for any subterranean utility lines. It is worth mentioning that there are some jurisdictions which have some very specific rules about what cannot and can be done regarding fences and failure to follow some of these rules may lead to substantial fines.

It is also important to check on underground utilities so as not to disrupt utilities of your neighbors as well, this can also lead to some fairly large fines. Here are some examples of popular wooden gates and fences readily available in the market. These include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: 3.5ft by 6 ft Cedar Fence Gate with Decorative Iron Insert

Product Price: $ 388.00

Product URL:

Product Details: this solid cedar gate does feature a decorative and nature inspired insert. The decorative iron insert has also been powder coated for long lasting beauty. It is also worth mentioning that customizing your gate is also possible so as to further enhance its overall appeal as well as overall outdoor environment. The gate is built from solid cedar and no assembly is needed, the gate is ready to stained, sealed and painted to fully complement your home. Quality construction, this gate does feature groove and tongue planks and further strengthened with a mortise and tenon joinery.

2) Product Name: Pottsville Decorative Corner Picket Fence

Product Price: $ 664.99

Product URL:

Product Details: does feature built in UV protection and requires no stain or paint and does resist fading, any instances of surface degradation, warping, splitting as well as moisture absorption. The fence does come with an easy to use and handy installation kit that helps the homeowner to plant the fence without necessarily having to dig the ground. With dimensions measuring 48” in length, 4” in width and 48” in height, this is quite large and ideal for garden use.

3) Product Name: Yardistry Cedar Fence Gate with Faux Glass

Product Price: $ 132.00

Product URL:

Product Details: made in traditional craftsman styling, this gate is shipped as a single pre-assembled unit that’s ready to hung immediately it gets home. Cedar has been chosen because it is naturally resistant to decay and rot than other known wood species. The gate is also structurally sound and has a long lifespan that’s quite comparable to other synthetic materials such as composite wood and vinyl. Has a pre-finished in a rich amber stain.

4) Product Name: French Gothic 4’ by 8’ Cedar spaced picket fence panel

Product Price: $ 29.99

Product URL:

Product Details: this allows you to fence your yard and make your entire property look good and great. This fence is bound to give and provide you with some privacy between your beloved lot and that of your neighbors. Measuring four feet high and eight feet wide, the cedar pickets do come with pre-stained back-rails. It does have a total of fourteen pickets which measure approximately 3.25 inches apart. 

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