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Get The Latest Entertainment For Your Home With The Right Streaming Media Player

Whether you’re looking to complement your current mobile home entertainment center or forego cable, there are plenty of media players for all your internet and streaming needs. Such a player is considered by many to forward thinking by many household since these units can stream anything from TV shows, music, sporting events to music.

As streaming media explodes in popularity, consumer demand has also been on a growth trajectory. Even though there are not so many manufacturers yet in the market, there are numerous models in the market. Getting the best unit can be quite confusing for many people. In this regard, there are certain factors one should take into consideration when doing this.

First and foremost, you should decide on the streaming media service that you prefer to subscribe to or use. If you prefer Netflix, then you should get a device that advertises it can stream Netflix content. These are usually easy to find since many devices support it. The same can also be said about Hulu and Amazon. However, iTunes and Vudu are not so popular and therefore getting a supporting device may be a tad difficult.

Apart from shows and TV programs, you should also consider getting a device that supports other media. There are devices that stream music services such as Or Pandora. Those who are sports fans can get a device that streams services such as ESPN3, NFL Sunday Ticket and there are also a number of players that stream photo sites such as

Once you have decided on the above, you should now decide on the type of media player you want to purchase. The first and common type of device is the straightforward media console that simply streams media with very little additional applications. These are ideal for homeowners who are quite content with their current home entertainment set up and are not looking for very many extra additions. Devices to consider in this category include Roku, Apple TV, Boxee box, WD TV and Google TV.

If you are a gamer, then you will have to get a more powerful and slightly sophisticated streaming console. Such a unit must have recording features and be able to stream content from spots such as Amazon, Hulu and Netflix. For those who are not into gaming, then it is recommended that you look for the versatility to play Blu-ray discs or DVDs. If that is the case, then you should get a DVD or Blu-ray that offers you streaming capability.

Lastly, you can also consider streaming to a mobile device. Even though most people still prefer watching Hulu and Netflix on TV rather than a mobile device, streaming videos from YouTube is very popular on tablets and Smartphones.

Here are some of the popular streaming media players for televisions readily available in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: Amazon Fire TV Stick

Product Price: $ 39.99

Product URL:

Product Details: the unit does connect to the TVs HDMI port and is without doubt an easy way to enjoy more than 4,000 channels, games, apps and access 250,000 episodes. The unit does have twice the memory of Chrome cast combined with a dual core processor as well as 1GB of memory. The unit does also bring to an end all buffering problems due to its speed, capacity and technology implemented.

2) Product Name: Roku Streaming Stick

Product Price: $ 49.00

Product URL:

Product Details: this powerful quad core processor and fast dual band wireless unit with more than eight times more processing power than the previous version. The unit does also offer access to Google Play, Hulu, VUDU, Netflix and Amazon. It is also portable for different HDTVs in the room. The unit does also offer unbiased search results across the top channels, allowing you to find where it’s cheapest or even free to watch your favorite movie.

3) Product Name: Roku 4 Streaming Media Player 4K UHD

Product Price: $ 121.97

Product URL:

Product Details: the unit does pride itself in offering what can be aptly described as captivating clarity with 4X the resolution of FullHD. The unit does also offer advanced up-scaling for 1080p HD streams and 720p for HD TVs. It does also offer voice search capabilities; you simply say anything you are looking for into the enhanced remote and you will get search results by director, actor or title. It does also work with virtually any TV with an HDMI connection.

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