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Shower Control Valves For Your Water Conservation Needs

In general, there are basically six different valves which can be used on a shower. The pressure balancing valves are the most common: these are usually used to turn the shower off and on and also used to control the water temperature using one handle. It is usually used with a hand shower or shower head with a bath spout. A manual thermostatic valve allows users to set their temperature once and never have to make that adjustment again, allowing you can adjust the flow of each delivery component such as body sprays, hand showers, and showerheads individually.

A transfer valve is usually used in conjunction with other valves such as the pressure balancing, volume control and thermostatic valve. It basically allows the user to control 3 different outputs to six different output options by simply turning the handle. The diverter valve on the other hand allows users to direct water to only one component at a time and therefore saving lots of water in the process. Volume control valves on the other hand do offer the user with precise control over the intensity and amount of water flow for shower heads, body sprays and hand showers. Digital thermostatic valves allow users to turn their showers into a spa like retreat.

Here are some of the common shower control valves in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: KOHLER Rite Temp Pressure Balancing Valve

Product Price: $ 60.72

Product URL:

Product Details: this valve does prevent instances of freezing and scalding, the high temperature limit allows users to set a maximum temperature that’s comfortable whereas the well proven diaphragm design does eliminate freeze ups from water debris and contaminants. For high volume jobs, a back to back installation is highly recommended. The optimal comfort zone does make it easy to find and ultimately maintain the right temperature.

2) Product Name: Grohe Ondus Volume Control Valve

Product Price: $ 224.95

Product URL:

Product Details: weighing a paltry 3.0lbs and with a velvet black finish, it does have a grip metal handle. It does radiate purity and lots of simplicity. Its perfect ergonomics and soft profile is fully enhanced by a wide choice if luxurious surface finishes. It does offer users the ability to precisely control the amount and intensity of the water emanating from either the body sprays, shower heads or body showers.

3) Product Name: Pure Round Thermostatic Shower Valve

Product Price: $ 249.95

Product URL:

Product Details: it comes with a built in anti-scald device which has been set at the factory at 104 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also fitted with a ¼ turn ceramic disc technology which makes it more durable and easy to use. The recommended pressure for this particular valve is anything within the range of 2 and 75 Psi. Even though this particular valve can supply only one outlet at a time, it is suitable for gravity fed systems, shower pumps and pressure systems which are unvented. With its brass handles and chrome finish, it beautiful and well structured.

4) Product Name: Kohler Mastershower 2 or 3 way Transfer Valve

Product Price: $ 96.26

Product URL:

Product Details: the patented K-joint installation does ensure there is a consistent trim appearance regardless of the rough in of the valve. It does offer users the ability to control all the functions from a single valve. With a brass construction, this wall mount valve measuring 3.625 inches in height and 3.375 inches in width and 3.398 inches in depth, it can be converted from three outlets to two outlets. Even though the valve is shipped as a 3 way transfer valve, it can easily be configured onsite to be used as a 2 way transfer valve.

5) Product Name: Grohe Grohtherm 2 Way Shower Diverter

Product Price: $ 438.17

Product URL:

Product Details: this usually includes the three port diverter rough in valve and the 3000 single metal grip handle. With a solid brass metal construction and chrome finish which is bound to resist any instances of corrosion or rusting: this is the real deal. The product does meet all state and federal regulations for lead content: this diverter does also allow the user to control different water outlets using one handle. Using this handle, one can also have a tub spout and a shower head and still be in control. It is worth mentioning though that it does not allow users to have more than one outlet at the same time: it basically offers users one or any other of the remaining two options in a three outlet system of choice.

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