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Tips On Choosing The Best Prefab Car Garages

Getting a good prefab garage can be a time consuming and tedious affair for any new mobile home owner. The key factors that one needs to take into consideration are the stability of the structure, its durability, maintenance demands and costs. Here is a brief list of some of the most popular prefab car garages currently available in the market space.

1) Product Name: Arrow Murryhill Vinyl Garage Package 14’x31’

Product Price: $ 3379.00

Product URL: http://is.gd/9isKKl

Product Details: this extra large building is a good solution for those who are keen on getting some hobby or workshop space. It has a garage style door that’s rolled up, combined with the gable roof and the well finished durable exterior steel finish that’s vinyl coated. This does give any homeowner maximum value for money. With a very large door opening of at least 7.9’ W x 6’H and with an overall height of 8’, this garage is quite large and accommodates a lot of things without much ado. It has a mid wall brace that’s used to enhance the overall stability. The garage is resistant to scratches and fading, it is also relatively easy to assemble. It also does come with a 15 year limited warranty and weighs around 1549 lbs when shipped.

2) Product Name: Duramax Vinyl 10.5’ x 28’ Heavy Duty Garage Building

Product Price: $ 3199.00

Product URL: http://is.gd/sraMtS

Product Details: this garage does offer durability, strength and very low maintenance demands. The garage does not rot, rust, dent or suffer from mildew. Further to this, they don’t require any painting once they have been installed. To further strengthen the garage and make it more rigid and stable, the structure is reinforced with columns that have metal inserts. The garage comes with 88’ double doors, which are wide enough to allow in a common tractor. It can also handle at least 20lbs of snow per square foot. It is normally sold with a foundation and window kit and is available in ivory and weighs about 826lbs when being shipped.

3) Product Name: Imperial Metal Garage Kits 12’ x 32’ Garage kit

Product Price: $ 2799.99

Product URL: http://is.gd/xAePjq

Product Details: this garage does offer durability, strength, tons of storage space and very minimal maintenance demands. It packs approximately 1639 cubic feet of usable space with a roll up door that’s around 99’, making it wide enough for trucks and SUVs. It is further reinforced with metal inserted columns for improved strength and rigidity. Made from a steel frame that’s been galvanized and a 10 year warranty to boot, this is an easy to assemble, easy to use and firm structure that’s worth each and every penny spent on it. It does come with a ten year warranty and weighs around 1122 lbs and can handle around 20lbs of snow.

4) Product Name: Steel Garage 12’x 20’ Metal Storage Building

Product Price: $ 1999.00

Product URL: http://is.gd/qSTnQf

Product Details: This Duramax imperial metal garage does provide lots of stability and more than enough storage space. The base of the garage does provide approximately 1640 feet of usable space. It also has a relatively wide 99’ roll up door which is wide enough to allow a sports car or SUV to easily roll through. It has a galvanized steel frame that’s further reinforced with metal inserted columns for additional strength. Its attractive color options and designs allow the prefab garage to fit in any landscape available. The garage does come with a ten year manufacturer’s warranty and weighs only 730lbs when shipped. It is worth noting that the structure can also withstand at least 20lbs per square foot of snow.

5) Product Name: Shelter Logic Garage in a Box 12’x 20’ x 8

Product Price: $ 559.99

Product URL: http://is.gd/XibmGX

Product Details: this product is ideal for bulk storage, auto/car shelters, Small tractor, ATVs, Garden tool sheds and Snowmobiles. It does deliver a superior mobile garage structure that’s both stable and strong. The high profile white interior does provide superior lighting and is relatively easy and simple to install; it can take two people a maximum of two hours to install it. It is also interesting to note that in most states, putting up this structure will not require any permits. It is usually baked in DuPont premium powder coat, this does eliminate corrosion, peeling, chipping and rusting. The fabric is advanced engineered and the covers are RipStop tough and UV treated both on the inside and outside. The fabric is also 100% waterproof. The Ratchet Tite cover tensioning system that’s been adopted in this structure ensures that a drum tight door panel connection and cover to the shelter frame is achieved. It is also easy to setup or disassemble and weighs only 180lbs when shipped, comes with a one year warranty.

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