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Outdoor Privacy Screens And Panels Come In A Variety Of Flavors

Outdoor privacy screens have become quite popular as many people find themselves desiring some level or privacy or seclusion even though they are living a more fast paced, suburban life. Even though the main function of a privacy screen is usually to provide some privacy, it can also be used for a wide variety of purposes such as to hide unsightly elements, offer some defense against the elements of just to accentuate the overall architecture of the home.

There are basically three types of outdoor privacy screens, these are those that are made from living material such as hedges, grass and trees, those that are made from non-living material such as wood, laminate vinyl , metal and a combination of the two . Whereas those made from living materials need to be planted and then the shrubs guided and trained on where to grow, those made from non living materials can easily be purchased and fitted.

When looking for outdoor privacy screens and panels, it is important to first think about the space that you have and decide whether you want the privacy screen to just photographic or if you also want it to be acoustic. You should also come up with a design idea of how you want the privacy screen to look. The next step does involve choosing the most appropriate material for the space as well as the design that you have chosen. It is also important to get a screen that’s durable and easy to maintain.

Here are some examples of some outdoor privacy screens and panels which are readily available in the market. These include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: Faux Ivy Privacy Screen

Product Price: $ 69.99

Product URL:

Product Details: this is for all intents and purposes like having a very thick hedge of long and wavy ivy without the attendant upkeep roles and responsibilities. One can use this realistic greenery to add some curb appeal to the property or even conceal an ugly fence. The screen can easily be cut to fit the area one wants to cover. It does feature dark green fabric leaves on very sturdy plastic netting which can easily attach to most outdoor structures. The screens are durable and light weight and are therefore quite durable so as to withstand the harsh weather conditions. This decorative fencing can also be used in a wide variety of settings such as the deck or porch and is also available in a wide variety of heights so as to fit your needs and requirements.

2) Product Name: 4 ft Hardwood Teak Outdoor Privacy Screen

Product Price: $ 226.95

Product URL:

Product Details: this privacy screen is made from plantation teak and does include 4 panels. It is expertly kiln dried and pre-treated, making it quite ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, this is because the wood is also decay, rot, fungi, mildew, mold and fungi resistant. The screen is also quite portable because it can be easily folded and carried along. The screen can be used virtually anywhere, from the balcony, to the porch, garden, around the pool at the deck or even indoors. It is also worth mentioning that the wood used (plantation teak) is sustainable and is readily available throughout the dry tropics and in forestry plantations.

3) Product Name: Modern Folding Outdoor Privacy Screen (Ebony)

Product Price: $ 251.57

Product URL:

Product Details: does include the frame, color fabric panels, a custom shelf, two large planter rings, and small planter rings as well. Apart from providing privacy, this screen does also bring in lots of style. The screen does have a powder coated bronze frame and is also quite portable. Made from marine grade mesh, it is worth noting that the fabric is removable and can therefore be washed from time to time. the spacious and wide three panel privacy screen does not only ooze style but also commands attention with its well thought out geometric upper panels. It is quite lightweight and is also available in a wide variety of colors.

4) Product Name: Tall Island Outdoor Screen

Product Price: $ 399.00

Product URL:

Product Details: this screen is made from high density resin fiber strips which are waterproof, tight cross weave and extremely durable. The screen is great for hiding unsightly equipment or areas, providing privacy or for simply dividing space. The screen allows users to easily design some space on an urban deck or even a patio. The screen is rust proof, made in tight cross weave and features three panels which are linked using some 2 way hinges. This is without doubt a great solution for constant use both inside and outside the home.

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