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Top 10 Hideaway Garbage Cans

Hideaway garbage cans are custom products that are made to fit into cabinets in areas with little rooms. They mainly come in two different sizes. The larger size is depicted below and it can easily fit in homes, mobile homes, boats among other areas. They are usually made from high gloss plastic that are water resistant and come in different patterns and colors. They provide good solution for limited areas that require a waste compartment can to solve the problem of tripping cans that take too much space. They are different models of hideaway garbage cans that come with different designs and materials. This means it is important for homeowners to choose garbage cans that suit all their needs. Here are some product examples that you may consider.

1) Suncast Premium Resin Trash Hideaway Java Color Design (

It costs $65.95 with free shipping. It is sold and shipped by It weighs 6.6 pounds. It makes sure your outdoor garbage is stored in an organized and non-bulky way making sure your home is clean.

2) Suncast GH1732 Outdoor Trash Hideaway (

It costs $49.95 with free shipping. It has a latching lid with a faux wainscoting design and trash bag 30-33 gallon capacity. It is easy to assemble even without tools. Its dimensions are 13x13x26.75 inches and weighs 11 pounds. It provides a stylish option of storing waste and decorating your patio.

3) Suncast Trash Hideaway Storage Bin Box (

It costs $94.31 with free shipping. It is sold and shipped by United Commerce Group. It is a high quality outdoor trash can with durable resin plastic construction. It uses standard 30-33 gallon garbage bags. Its external dimensions are 15.75x16x31.625 inches. It is easy to assemble and requires no tools.

4) Suncast GHW1732 Resin Wicker Trash Hideaway (

It costs $44.98 with free shipping. It is shipped and sold from It weighs 15 pounds and has dimensions of 16x15.8x31.7 inches. It is available for shipping to select countries outside the US.

5) Hide-Away Trash Bin 1891-02752-0951 (

It costs $14.98. It has a small size and saves homeowners the hassle of looking for big and ugly trash bins for their homes. It utilizes space and uses standard 13-gallom bags. It has a handy towel rack on one side and 3-shelf pantry on the other side with 3 handy cubbies and paper towel with a solid hardwood butcher block on top. It is made in the United States with melamine laminate particle board.

6) New Suncast GHW1732 Home Outdoor Patio Resin Wicker Trash Can Hideaway | Java (

It costs $55.99 with free shipping. It is shipped and sold by VMInnovations. It keeps the areas clean in addition to adding style to the ambiance of your outdoor area. It is durable and comes with a contemporary design that gives your patio a great look. It has a latching lid with a solid bottom panel that can hold 30-34 gallon garbage bags. It weighs 30.5x17.5x10 inches and weighs 28 pounds.

7) Suncast 30 Gallon Resin Wicker Trash Hideaway (

It is a hideaway garbage can that keeps your trash out of sight and costs $49.99. It features java color, dimensions of 15.75x16x31.5 inches, a latching lid and solid bottom panel. It is made with a long lasting resin construction and stay dry design that keeps it clean. It doesn’t require any tools to assemble and uses 30-gallon garbage bags.

8) 33-Gal. Outdoor Trash Container Hideaway (

It costs $64.63 with $12.95 for shopping. It is sold and shipped from Lowest Prices Guaranteed. It is made with plastic and has dimension of 13x12x31.6 inches. It is 30-34 gallons in size. It features a stylish trash container that looks great on patio or deck. It has a latching lid with a solid construction of long lasting resin.

9) Suncast 33-Gal. Outdoor Trash Container Hideaway (

It costs 53.65with free shipping. It offers a concealed garbage can which is required in homes and public settings. It features a stylish trash can that looks great on patio and decks. It comes with a limited warranty of two years upon the purchase day. It features a taupe color, a solid bottom panel, a long lasting resin construction and uses standard 33-gallon garbage bags. It has an overall product weight of 12.8 pounds with an overall height of 31.63 inches from top to bottom, overall width of 13 inches side to side and overall depth of 13 inches from front to back.

10) Nine Stars Infrared Motion Sensor Lid Open Hideaway Trash Can - Stainless Steel 13.2-Gal (

It costs 79.15 with free shipping. It is good to fit in the office pantry room, the living room and other common rooms because it utilizes space. It uses modern sensor technology that opens it automatically when your hand is 10 inches away and inclined at 130 degrees. It seals odor and measures 14.8x10.8x27.9 inches.

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