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Garage Ceiling Panels For Homeowners With Versatile Garages

Garages have found myriads of uses other than just keeping cars safe. They're being used as storage space in addition to serving like an extra room in your home. But with such versatile functions of a modern garage, it's best that the garage ceiling should look good and remain safe for the occupants and components stored therein.

If you're one of those people who love to DIY their own projects, you'd be very interested in the type of garage ceiling panels available, plus the materials they're made of. So far, the most basic type of materials used in the manufacturing of these ceiling panels include gypsum, drywall and popcorn.

Therefore, before making a move to purchase a garage ceiling panel, it's best that you understand the circumstances under which you're going for a particular garage ceiling panel. For instance, people who live in the west don't require heavy materials for a garage ceiling panel. But on the other hand, those who live in the east require sturdier materials for their garage ceiling panel since winds tend to be stronger in the east.

If you're adding a few components to the things you already have, here are a few materials to keep in mind:

(a) Drywall

Drywall is considered the easiest and ready to work with ceiling panel material. Drywall is nothing other than plaster which has been layered in such a way that it forms an actual wall. This material is sturdy in nature, thus it's being used by both builders and constructors everywhere you go.

The reason why drywall is a favorite among many builders is that it's inexpensive, plus it's easy to work with. Furthermore, it offers more options for customizing with colors and texture to give a unique look.

(b) Soundproofing

If you want to use your garage more often on your quiet time, it's important that you consider soundproofing your garage ceiling. There are a number of soundproofing materials available at your local home improvement store. These are available on a big roll which features a sticky backing which should remain in place when tacked up.

Another way of creatively using soundproofing ceiling panel material is to attach it to drywall material. Drywall board will hide the soundproofing material.

(c) Gypsum

Gypsum is the latest craze in garage ceiling panels. These ceiling panels are made of sedentary rocks and placed over the ceiling frame. What's more, gypsum ceiling panels have been manufactured to look smaller than drywall panels, plus they're inexpensive. However, the problem with using gypsum material as your garage ceiling panel is that it is not soundproof, plus it is not suitable for garage rooms prone to moisture or water damage.

(d) Popcorn ceiling

They used to be popular in the 1970s. However, their popularity faded away due to their possible connection with asbestos. They are known as popcorn ceiling due to their texture which resembles a kernel. You can either spray or paint it on the ceiling. However, if you already have a drywall ceiling panel in place and you want it to look like popcorn, there is still hope for you. Just texture it using a normal sponge on a plaster coat.

(e) Styrofoam tiles

These are an affordable solution to completing a garage ceiling. Styrofoam tiles come in squares which can be readily fitted onto an existing frame.

Other materials like cork and plastic can also be used when constructing garage ceilings. The good thing with cork is that it's easy to install, Eco-friendly, and attractive to look at. You also have the option of waxing or not waxing them. The choice is yours.

On the other hand, plastic tiles come in a vast array of shades, textures and sizes. They are a very affordable alternative to the options mentioned above.

4 Product examples worth checking out

1) 2015 new design garage ceiling panel (

This is a UV/fade-resistant garage ceiling panel which boasts high level of stability over higher temperatures. What's more, they're easy to install, and resistant to pest like termites and so forth. The price range is between $11 to $30 per square meters.

2) PVC fireproof garage ceiling panel (

85% of this product is made of PVC material. Print, hot stamping and laminated designs are also available. Furthermore, this garage ceiling panel is rust-proof. The cost is $5 per square meters.

3) Suspended garage ceiling panel (

This product is stable and high quality, plus it features anti-sagging abilities which resist environments with humidity levels of up to 99%. They can be sold for up to $30 per square meters.

4) Large scale durable garage ceiling (

These garage ceiling units are highly flexible, allowing for easy installing and uninstalling by hand. They are durable in addition to being maintenance-free. They can be sold for $6 per square meters.

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