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Copper Gutter And Downspouts - Beautiful & Long Lasting

Copper is a visually appealing metal with lots of very unique characteristics. It is highly resistant to corrosion as well as thermal conductivity. The ease at which it can be fabricated, the overall strength and resistance are all valid reasons to select copper over all the other metals. In the construction industry, there are other numerous uses of copper such as for roofing, flashing and gutters. Copper downspouts and gutters are readily available in the market and are quite durable and affordable as well. When looking for gutters and sheets, there are several tips one need to take into consideration when choosing copper gutters and spouts.

For copper gutters, it is advisable to look for products which are made from at least sixteen (16) ounces of what is termed as cold rolled sheet copper. It is worth noting that cold rolling does make copper much stronger. In the event that you live in the northern climate where you anticipate snow build up and ice then it is advisable to go for a higher weight such as the twenty (20) ounces. These are also ideal if you need long sections of the gutter. Make sure you use the correct fasteners and select the depth and shape that works with the structure.

The natural weathering process does cause Patina, which apart from lending itself a color changing show from russet brown to salmon pink and dark chocolate browns, does also protect the copper. Take this color change into consideration if you want your applications to have some ornamental complement to the home.

If you desire that popular aged look of copper, then you can use a chemical patina on your gutters so as to accelerate the color to its very final stage. This is because achieving this color usually takes fifteen to twenty years if left on its own. Whenever possible, always select products which have a coating such as wax, paint or oil so as to ensure you keep and maintain the weathered color you desire.

Here are some examples of copper gutter and downspouts readily available in the market. they include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: Spectra 6” x 16”K- Style Copper Gutter

Product Price: $ 279.99

Product URL:

Product Details: this K style copper gutter is by far the most popular gutter design being sold in the market. This gutter is designed to handle both medium to large sized roofs. As a rule, this style of gutter does require 6” copper gutter components even though it can accept a 2” by 3” or even 3” by 4” copper elbows and downspouts. It is worth noting that as the copper ages, the color will shift from a bright copper finish to a patina finish. Use a sealer and screws or even pop rivets to install this product.

2) Product Name: Spectra 6” by 10’ Half Round Copper Gutter

Product Price: $ 149.99

Product URL:

Product Details: this 6” by 10’ half round copper gutter is a very popular gutter design for those who are keen on a design upgrade so as to make their home stand out. This gutter is also designed to handle both medium and large sized roofs. This particular gutter style does require the use of 6” half round gutter components even though it can accept round copper elbows and downspouts of different sizes. They are also easy to install and easy to maintain.

3) Product Name: Spectra 6” Copper Outside Box Miter

Product Price: $ 165.39

Product URL:

Product Details: this outside box miter is mainly designed to work with the 6 K-Style copper gutter. It is ideal when you want the gutter to work around an exterior corner of the house. This particular miter is relatively easy to install because all it requires is some fastening and sealing of the seams and it is good to go. Just like many other copper products, do expect the miter box to slowly change its color from the original bright copper finish to a patina or greenish finish as time goes by.

4) Product Name: 4 Round Corrugated Downspouts

Product Price: $ 103.00

Product URL:

Product Details: made from 16oz copper, these downspouts are usually used with half round copper gutter. It is an ideal addition to any half round copper gutter, it is also easy to install and does add some rigidity to the entire structure. This is ideal for those homeowners who have a flair for the artistic and therefore require products of the highest quality. They are available in lengths from 10ft.

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